Our Technology



Powered by advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning, DeepVision system is capable of a wide variety of tasks, ranging from detection, tracking, classification, virtual fencing, crowd detection, security monitoring and many more. Applications include retail analytics, media content analysis and traffic surveillance.

Use case: Our customers are applying DeepVision technology to the shopping mall retail space, converting videos into vital insights for retailers to make better and more informed decisions.


  • Make decisions based on accurate demographic data and extensive shoppers’ profiles

  • Access to real-time analysis of stores’ performance and insights for immediate problem-solving purposes

  • Better understand consumer behaviors using detailed and quantifiable information

  • Optimize store mix to better suit the current customer demographics

  • Lower expenses and labor required for manual data collection process and research

thai license plate recognition

OxygenAI’s Thai License Plate Recognition is powered by recent advancement in Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies. Our solution is an end-to-end system that detects both car and motorcycle license plates, read the plate characters and numbers, and identify the province.

Under surveillance setting, our Thai LPR model outperforms popular commercial ALPR system for car, and significantly outperforms their system for motorbike.


  • High accuracy Thai ALPR (significantly better than popular commercial ALPR system)

  • Ready-to-go online dashboard for analytics and law enforcement

  • Searchable Plate database

  • Real-time alert system

  • Vehicle classification (car type, color)